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Java Proxy

Java Proxy is not just usual proxy, it is advanced traffic redirection tool. It can provide you access to computers behind a firewall or NAT. You can implement these features transparently to your network and firewall, without modifying their configuration.

Java Proxy includes web proxy (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP), SOCKS proxy and port mapping tool for client applications compatibility. It allows you to use such services as WWW, FTP, Remote Administration Tools (PC Anywhere, SSH, telnet, VNC), E-mail, Instant Messaging tools and many others behind firewall.

Java Proxy also has traffic encryption features and has simple built-in web server to allow file downloading from remote computer without installation of additional software.

Download and Installation

There is description with UML diagrams of how it works and why it is different from other proxies. Read about access to computers behind a firewall or NAT here.

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